Relating to Other Parents with Young Kids

We have begun a new column where our readers can write in with their questions. We’ll field the questions to one or more experts in the subject and post the responses typically within 2 weeks.

Here’s the first question that editor Sharon thought you might like to see as an example (she responded). Write Us with Your Question!

Q: I’m one of the oldest moms at our daycare and am feeling a little isolated from the rest of the parents. Do you have any suggestions on ways to identify with younger moms?

 A: Just talking about your kids is easiest. What are they learning or what are their favorite foods and toys? Feel free to suggest fun playground or other kid-friendly activity that you discovered nearby the daycare and encourage them to join you for a weekend play date. Overall, keep the conversation focused on the thing you have in common, your kids, and the conversation should flow.

We’d love to see your question!


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