Sharing Our Perspectives: Christine’s Feedback


Lydia, who is 7-weeks old now and doing great.

Christine from Florida found our site through a Google search for “Advanced Maternal Age.” Her doctor repeated it so much that she wanted to know what the big deal was. She felt the need to research possible risks etc. because he made it sound like a little bit of a “disability”.  She is 37.

I decided to wait to have children because I never felt I was quite ready due to problems in relationships and financial struggles. I didn’t feel it was fair to try to care for someone else when my life wasn’t quite on track. I struggled to pay bills and keep my head above water. I am not one who accepts charity and was adamant that I would not be on assistance.

Once I was married and had a good job it just happened to be later than anticipated. I was married with a good job and finally felt the time was right.
I thought it would happen quickly but we struggled a little to conceive. It took 7 months before we got that positive test. I had an uneventful 8 months. No symptoms- very little movement and a regular work routine.

I experienced minor bleeding at 31 weeks and was put on bedrest and disability. The next 3 weeks were uneventful. At 34 weeks I had a major bleed and pre-term labor. I had to deliver by emergency c-section. My daughter was born in respiratory distress and struggled to maintain normal functions for the first day.

After that she was a trooper and did everything she was supposed to do to get out of that NICU. She was there for two weeks. She is perfectly healthy now and has had no ill effects from her premature birth. I myself was born at 24 weeks gestation so her early arrival was sort of a family tradition.

Lydia is 7-weeks old now and is doing great! (Her photo is shown (right).)

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