Exercise During Pregnancy

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Tatum and Her Dog Griz

Tatum and Her Dog Griz


Our expert for this question below is Tatum Rebelle, an experienced fitness professional and owner of  Total Mommy Fitness.  Read more about Tatum’s work here, including her online prenatal fitness program.

 Q: I have been a runner for the past 5 years and just learned that I am pregnant. Do I have to give up running?

A:  If you were a runner before you were pregnant there is no reason that you cannot continue as long as it feels comfortable and you have the okay from your doctor. This is a very important time to listen to your body and do not push it to your pre-pregnancy intensity.

Q: I love weightlifting and find it empowering. What are the common restrictions about this while pregnant? I want to be safe but also stay in shape for when my baby arrives.

A:  Weightlifting is safe and very beneficial during pregnancy. You can continue your pre-pregnancy routine as long as it feels comfortable and your doctor has cleared you for exercise. If you were not lifting weights before pregnancy you can begin a routine that feels comfortable. Pregnancy is not a time for powerlifting and explosive movements, but a full body, moderate intensity program has many benefits for you and your baby.

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