Sharing Our Perspectives: Feedback from Lynnette

Lynnette from Washington State gave us feedback on her AMA pregnancies and perspectives:

Sharon: How did you react to getting the Advanced Maternal Age stamp on your medical chart (or having that label applied to you) What did it mean to you, if anything?

Lynnette: With my 1st pregnancy at age 38, I was worried even before I had my 1st doctor appointment. Then every visit was a slap with ultrasounds, tests and lectures on how my age may effect the outcome. I read as much as I could on the subject. I was alone in my peer group. When my son came out healthy and completely perfect, I knew any future babies would be a blessing no matter what. 

Any talk about A.M.A. went in one ear and out the other with the next 2 babies.

Sharon: Do you identify yourself as an “Older Mom”? If yes, what does that mean to you?

Lynnette: Yes,  I proudly let people know that I am an older mom. I have been asked about 3 times if I am my children’s grandmother and it was a little bit of a shock the 1st time but soon, I got tickled at the notion to surprise people of my age and that my beautiful boys are all mine.

I feel it’s important to put it out there that no matter what age you are, your desire to be a mother, by whatever means that is, is natural and should be accepted as nothing more than that!

Lynnette and her son

Lynnette and her son

A healthy and mentally sound woman of any age can be a mother.

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