Happy Adoption Day!

By Sharon Munroe

It finally happened. Adoption Day was yesterday. What is Adoption Day about? With our attorney and caseworker, Jasmine, my husband and I went to court.

We were in a special small courtroom – one with a very different feel. Balloons, a cake and new stuffed animals were placed near the judges desk. Everyone was smiling!

After our attorney asked my husband, me and Jasmine’s case worker some questions about the petition to adopt – the written request – we got a big smile from the judge who said “yes, the adoption is granted.”

Then, again like in no other courtroom, we got to take photos, with our family friend and the judge.

One smiley two year old – formerly a foster child – is now our very own daughter. Her t-shirt says

  • Loved
  • Chosen
  • Dream Come True
  • Priceless
  • Yes, I’m Adopted

T-shirt from The Adoption Bug.


  1. I like to call the day that an adoption is finalized GOTCHA DAY and I love the fact that I have be blessed to share many GOTCHA DAYS with friends who have adopted domestically and internationally! 🙂

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