Sharing Our Perspectives: Feedback from Penny

Penny and Son

Penny and Her 3-Year Old Son

Penny, mother of two, saw the article about us in Austin Woman and felt compelled to write. More to come (we hope):  

Here are some basics (I wanted to share). I would like to be interviewed too:

I had my first child at 35 (now 7yo) and second child at 40 (now 3yo). I am a Type 1 Juvenile Diabetic (diagnosed at 23) and both pregnancies considered ‘high risk’. Both were c-sections. I work full time as an oncology social worker and my husband is a middle school choir teacher.

I did not consciously choose to have children later in life, but I guess I took the ‘scenic path’ towards marriage. I had several long term relationships that were not especially marriage/child focused. Meanwhile I worked in various jobs while basically remaining a ‘professional student’. I wound up with an unfinished PhD in Australia and then completed my MSW in 2004 in Chicago and got married the same year.

Biggest ‘do-over’ wish is that I had given more thought to how strong the urge would be to stay at home with my kids. I like my work, but find working full time serving the needs of cancer patients and being a mother somewhat overwhelming. (One income is not sufficient enough to support the 4 of us.) That said, I LOVE being a mother!