A Milestone Moment

Each year with our children there are memorable moments small and large. There are “firsts” such as first smile, first tooth, and many other special times to commemorate in our minds and in our photos. Little things mean a lot too.

On Monday my oldest son turns five. This feels like a milestone. He is now capable of doing so much – having conversations, asking questions, learning, running, and even helping me and his dad around the house when we ask. He voluntarily holds his two-year-old sister’s hand when we are together in a parking lot. Five is a milestone for many capabilities.

  • I visited his kindergarten classroom this week to read to the class as many parents do throughout the year. They sat quietly for most of the 20 minutes I was there. They commented on the material and were attentive.  The children thanked me!
  • As background my son is the youngest in the class with all of the others having turned five already. They were wonderful!
  • (Rewind to just one year ago and this was not the case at all when they were all four.)

Five is a major achievement for parents I feel.

I appreciate every step we’ve taken together in the last 60 months. We’ve learned a lot and have a lot to celebrate too…over Spiderman cake and juice this weekend.

What are the major milestones you have observed? How do you feel about them?