Sharing Our Perspectives: Feedback from Rhonda

Rhonda from Connecticut is newly pregnant for the first time and shared her story:

I am 36 years old and 6 weeks pregnant with my first child. My OB sent me to the Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) after 2 rounds of Clomid because she believed I wasn’t ovulating based on my BBT (I had come off the pill 6 months earlier). I went to the RE later, and was 1 day late for my period. They did a urine test in the office: POSITIVE! I went on to have HCG done: 75. I was like 5 minutes pregnant at the time. I continue to get HCG screenings and it is rising appropriately. I go for my first ultrasound next week. It looks like my OB was wrong, just because I am AMA does NOT mean I have a fertility problem!

Writing Prompts for Submissions

Here are some prompts to help guide you in your writing.  These are meant to help get you thinking about your story.  Please don’t feel like we want you to answer all these questions or let them limit your story in any way!

Happy writing!  We look forward to reading your story.

-Sharon and Jennifer


  • Tell us about your family and who is in it (names not necessary).

  • At what age did you start trying to start a family?

  • What life choices or circumstances led you to that point?


  • Do you have biological and/or foster and/or adoptive children in your home?


  • Why did you decide to have a child?


  • Describe any of the challenges you may have encountered along the way.

  • Share your feelings from that process:  getting AMA label, experiences with medical professionals, etc.

  • How did the process affect your relationship with your spouse or partner? Friends? Family?


  • Looking back on the process:

-Do you see things differently?

-Is there anything you would do differently?

-Have your feelings changed? If so, how?


  • Thinking back, do you feel good about your choice or are there things that maybe you regret?


  • Now that your child is X years old, what has been your experience as a parent? How might this be reflective of your maturity or other factors?