Facts about the Advanced Maternal Age Motherhood

Ready, now in paperback by Elizabeth Gregory

Ready, now in paperback by Elizabeth Gregory

We’ve shared that we find the book Ready by University of Houston professor Elizabeth Gregory to be relevant to our lives in so many ways. Dr. Gregory has just published this acclaimed book as a paperback and updated the preface with some new facts about what she calls “the new later motherhood” (and we call Advanced Maternal Age (AMA). Here are some excerpts from the 2012 paperback.

Some new facts:

  • One in 12 women starts her family later, after age 35, versus just one in 100 in 1970.
  • The overall birth rate fell between 2007 and 2010 fell 7% and most of the decline can be attributed to younger women waiting out the economic downturn. There will be more AMA moms likely as there is often a lag in such trends.
  • In the same period, 2007-2010, birth rates among women ages 40-44 rose 8%. (Data comes from the CDC Natality Statistics.)
  • For first births at age 35+, moms’ ethnicity was 9.05% White, 5.21% African-American, 5.37% Hispanic, 2.27% American Indian and Alaska Native, and 13.3% Asian-American.
  • The average age is 25.2% for a first birth in America.

We’ll be sharing more highlights from this important book soon.