MYTH Busting on Pregnancy

From, Dr. Linda Shanti's Blog

From, Dr. Linda Shanti’s Blog

Since becoming a mom at an advanced maternal age, licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Linda Shanti’s passions have expanded to include supporting women during pregnancy and postpartum. She writes and holds groups and individual sessions for women exploring how pregnancy and motherhood changes one’s body, emotions, and identity. She is based in San Francisco.

In her blog RecoveryMama she recently posted on some of the myths women commonly hear regarding pregnancy:





  1. It is a glowing time.
  2. All pregnancies are a choice that is wanted and/or planned.
  3.  Having a child will create a happy family/marriage/partnership.
  4. All pregnancies result in live births.
  5. Only straight women under the age of 35 who are the biological mothers and married to men have happy and healthy babies.
  6. All mothers and fathers will be happy that they are having a baby.
  7. There is a right amount of weight to gain.
  8. Eating disorders do not happen during pregnancy, due to the “protective factor” of the baby.
  9. Only un-medicated vaginal births are good and the birth plan is a straightforward process.
  10. Depression does not occur during pregnancy.