Are You Ready to Consider Adoption?

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By Jess Pedersen. Originally published on the blog for Without Child, The Advanced Maternal Age Project brings some important considerations and questions to ask yourself:

Giving up the dream to have a biological child can be intense.

For most people it is an incredibly difficult decision for many reasons:

  • After years of trying, how do you know when to say it’s time to stop?
  • Never having the opportunity to experience pregnancy and childbirth can be heartbreaking.
  • You may feel anger and resentment toward your body for not working the way you thought it should.
  • You may feel attached to your genetics, so not having a child that resembles you or your spouse may be an issue for you.
  • You may feel pressure from family members to keep trying even though you’ve reached the end of your baby-making rope.
  • Depending upon how you choose to form your family, you may have to endure insensitive comments from friends who haven’t been in your shoes.
  • Grief often accompanies the choice to stop trying to conceive, so be kind and patient with yourself and your spouse as you transition to another path toward parenthood.

When you know you’re ready to begin the journey.

Never fear…there are a few things that you can do to make the transition to adoption easier:

  • Connect with friends who have adopted and ask them a million questions, they won’t mind!
  • Start researching the adoption process by checking out different agencies online.
  • Include local agencies in your search; you will need one for the homestudy portion of the process.
  • Request information packets from the agencies that look good to you.
  • Determine your preference regarding domestic versus international adoption.
  • Find adoption support groups in your area (local agencies are great resources for these groups).
  • Keep a journal or, if you’re the sharing type, blog about the process to keep friends and family involved.
  • Stay connected with your spouse regarding your hopes and dreams for parenthood!

If you are reading this and contemplating adoption as your next step toward parenthood, perhaps one day you will look into the face of a child that looks nothing like you and hear the word, “Mama” or “Dada”, and feel like the luckiest person on the face of the earth.

Jess Pedersen is a health coach, amateur guitarist, lover of words, part-time marketing guru, and addict of real wholesome tasty food.She also loves to help all women find and nourish their inner Mama, is a contributor to this website and writes for her own, She is on Facebook, and on Twitter via @BeMamaBeWell.