Talk of the Nation – NPR Covers Prenatal Testing and Being Over 35

Just as we were thinking about this topic and writing a recent post with a story about prenatal genetic testing, National Public Radio (NPR) was covering it as well on Talk of the Nation (5/30/13).

There are many considerations about having the testing done as well as how to proceed once you know the test results. Fortunately today more tests are available, including a less-invasive one, a first-trimester blood test.

One of the participants in the radio program, Ayelet Waldman, an author and mother from Berkeley, CA shared her story and here’s an excerpt:

“During the course of the pregnancy, I actually turned 35. And the pregnancy books and my doctor all said that 35 was sort of this magical moment. It was the moment when your chance of having a baby with a genetic abnormality, specifically Down syndrome, trisomy 21, outweighed – were greater than the chances of losing the baby to the amniocentesis…”

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How do you feel about prenatal testing? Did you do it for a pregnancy after age 35? We’d enjoy hearing from you.