Sharing Our Perspectives: Feedback from Wendy

We pose a two questions to first-time moms of age 35 or better to see the range of perspectives and ideas that women across the country have on the core topic of this website and upcoming book.

Sharon: How did you react to getting the Advanced Maternal Age stamp on your medical chart (or having that label applied to you) What did it mean to you–if anything?

Wendy:  I saw the stamp at the appointment after my first OB visit to my traditional doctor’s office. Each appointment she reminded me of my risk factors and chance for c-section. By the eighth month, I literally told her that I was confident that I would continue to be healthy and have a healthy child via natural childbirth. I proved her wrong!

Sharon: Do you identify yourself as an “Older Mom”? If yes, what does that mean to you?

Wendy: I do feel like an older mom. I sense that the women who have children the same ages as mine are more concerned (read frazzled) by minor things. I am wise enough when to call the pediatrician and take the small bumps in stride. The only significant difference for me is that as a 44-year-old working mom with young children, I am often tired on the weekends. My remedy  is the old adage, sleep when they sleep. Napping and going to sleep early seems to work.

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