Sharing Our Perspectives – Feedback from Laura

We pose a two questions to first-time moms of age 35 or better to see the range of perspectives and ideas that women across the country have on the core topic of this website and upcoming book.

Sharon: How did you react to getting the Advanced Maternal Age stamp on your medical chart (or having that label applied to you) What did it mean to you, if anything?

Laura: I didn’t even realize I had that stamp, but now that you bring it up, I’d say it’s not a particularly celebratory way to put it. No matter how you say it, I can’t and don’t want to deny I earned the title. Just like I earned a speedy, escorted trip to the geneticist’ office when my OB confirmed I was pregnant at 42.

Sharon: Do you identify yourself as an “Older Mom”? If yes, what does that mean to you?

Laura: Yes,  I usually only make the distinction so people don’t get confused (and then embarrassed) a. if she’s with me they wonder, is this your daughter or granddaughter? b. if she’s not with me and I reference her, they see that I’m older, and they assume she’s older too. Like 20-something instead of six. They wonder why she’s not just driving herself to dance rehearsal. It’s also useful in explaining why my resume looks upside down.

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