Sharing Our Perspectives: Feedback from Iris

We pose a two questions to first-time moms of age 35 or better to see the range of perspectives and ideas that women across the country have on the core topic of this website and upcoming book.

Sharon: How did you react to getting the Advanced Maternal Age stamp on your medical chart (or having that label applied to you) What did it mean to you–if anything?

Iris:  I never saw any type of stamp like that on my chart and never felt labeled or treated differently by my medical team because of my age.  In my experience working in hospitals and as a patient, they generally don’t even allow you to look at your chart unless you make a formal request to obtain your records which occurs after discharge.

Sharon: Do you identify yourself as an “Older Mom”? If yes, what does that mean to you?

Iris: I definitely view myself as an older mom.  I had my daughter when I was 45 and by any criteria that is an older mom.  I am currently 57 and my daughter is turning 12 next month and is already showing some teen tendencies.  As an older mom I feel wiser and better prepared to be a mom than I did in my 20’s or 30’s.  I eat well and exercise regularly to stay as fit as I can. I am aware of my mortality at my age and want to be there as long as I can for my daughter.  I want to be a part of her life to experience milestones with her.  Obviously my energy level at this age is not what it was in my 20’s but I don’t believe it has impacted my relationship with my daughter.  She is not into sports but I am so keeping up with her physically has not been a problem, even when she was younger and running all around.

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