Rachel’s Story

While contemplating a second Advanced Maternal Age pregnancy, Rachel from California found our work and shared some of her story.

mom and tyler 7.5 M

Rachel and Her Son Tyler

We conceived Tyler shortly after my 37th birthday. We got engaged on my birthday and decided to try to get pregnant right away not knowing how long it would take me. I got my IUD out on December 21st. We went on a trip to Thailand leaving December 29th returning mid January. I knew while we were there that I got pregnant. I could feel it, I can’t explain, but I knew.Tyler was due October 2nd and he was born on September 26th, 2013. I had a great pregnancy, I worked out almost every day and stayed healthy.I did have one scary trip to the hospital. Right after my wedding, which was during a heat wave last summer, I had a small gush of blood come out after standing up. We spent the night in the hospital and everything was fine. They told me to take it easy. I think I was over active and the wedding stress didn’t help!During labor my anesthesiologist said I was one of the healthiest women he had seen.

It was a vaginal birth. Postpartum wasn’t fun, but I’m sure that’s the case with everyone.

I know when I was looking around for “advanced maternal age” pregnancies, there was a lot of negative information out there regarding how long it would take and the increased risks of genetic problems, etc. I’m happy to share news that it can also happen really fast without any complications!

happy 8 month old

A happy 8 month old

We are going to start trying for our second sometime after Tyler’s 1st birthday. Even after knowing how easy it was for me the first time, I still worry about the second. I know you should wait at least 18 months between pregnancies (that’s what I read) but because of my age, I think we will try sooner.

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