Advanced Maternal Age

What is Advanced Maternal Age Project ?

rom the founder of The Advanced Maternal Age Project:

I became a mother for the first time at the “advanced maternal age” of 40 and now have three children with my loving husband.

While I was well aware of the risks to having a child later in life, I felt equally important for a healthy pregnancy was creating a supportive environment. Yet, most resources were “one-size-fits-all” or lacked re-enforcement or guidance.

For more than four years, I told my story of challenges and triumphs with a small group of compassionate friends and family. It was with them that I found a safe, non-judgmental place to share.

The lack of positive and relevant resources was a frustration for me and I knew the same isolation must be felt by others. In April 2012, I launched the nonprofit The Advanced Maternal Age Project to address the need for community.

Our Mission is to provide support to women and couples who made the choice to start their family at age 35 or better.

With the Project, a Texas Nonprofit Organization I hope to provide…

• A hub of resources for women who are pregnant for the first time at age 35 or better.

• Information for healthcare professionals on ways to appropriately support their more mature patients.

• A safe place where women can freely share their stories of challenge and joy in conceiving, pregnancy and childbirth through to motherhood.

• A supportive environment and a source of inspiration for women who are contemplating their life choices.

The community response has been overwhelming. We’ve received letters and stories from new mothers from as far away as Australia. The media have also been inspired by The Advanced Maternal Age Project. Click here to see the latest news.

If you’d like to help us spread the word, you can download Flyer or post about us on Facebook or Twitter.

If  you are compelled to keep this work current and growing with new research, please Donate to the nonprofit. Our organization is registered in the State of Texas and is a tax-exempt (501(c)(3)) Nonprofit organization.

While everyone’s journey is unique, please take comfort in knowing that you have a safe place to share. The more we share, the more our “sisters” and their healthcare providers can benefit.

Thank you for sharing in this journey,
Sharon V. Munroe
Founder, Executive Director and Editor, The Advanced Maternal Age Project